Archives & Virtual Center

to coalesce and preserve cultural assets, educational initiatives, and resources, while offering open source curricula and archiving tools to educators and youth in the U.S. and around the world.
The Community Archives is a repository of collections donated by the community to document memories and social history. The Community Archives was established in partnership with Urban Teacher's Network and Hip Hop Congress.
The Fresh, Bold, and So Def Women’s Initiative (FBSD), led by Hip Hop Education Center (HHEC) is an intergenerational, international Hip Hop feminist movement that honors, empowers, and preserves the contributions and achievements of women and girls in Hip Hop. It is the only one of its kind collective with the goal of not only to document women’s achievements and contributions to Hip Hop, but also to build a cannon of memorabilia and artifacts including leaflets, photographs, art, poetry, and music. The FBSD Collection will be enhanced with educational tools such as a multimedia timeline and curriculum.
This is the archival database of Hip Hop history from which students, teachers or a curious public can draw information and contribute their own testimony. Our goal is to provide the community with the tools to access the HHEC digital archives and physical collections to preserve the history of Hip Hop and its influences on the world, as well as tell fresh stories about Hip Hop culture and community issues through proactive engagement and community crowdsourcing.