Deena Clemente and Wandee Candelario

Deena “SnapShot” Clemente & Wandee “WandeePop” Candelario share a passion and history created during the birth of a new era that evolved from our Native and African Ancestors thousands of years ago. The pair was raised in the South Bronx (Fox Street between 156st and Longwood) during the early 70’s where they developed their dance skills and strong overall culture in neighborhood house parties, outside park jams, block parties, talent showcases at the Police Athletic League (PAL) and local cable station programs. It was not until years later they realized how important those years on Fox Street really were. Deena and Wandee began their journey on the streets to discover what is known today as hip-hop culture, a multi-billion dollar evolution that is a gift from our ancestors. Today you can find them taking their street experience, knowledge, culture and ancestral history into the studios teaching their funky signature dance fitness workshop, “Snap, Pop ‘n’ Rock: Organic Hip-Hop Style for Wellness”, where they combine Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit Studios in NYC, including The Ailey Extension at Alvin Ailey, Peridance, Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center. They served as Hip-Hop Ambassadors in Bosnia through the Next Level program.

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