Erica Gosich Rose

EGR (pronounced e•grr) is a contemporary visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. Always an artist with an edge, she picked up a spray can as a teen inspired by the many forms of art she was immersed in. As a student of Sheridan College’s Illustration program, she put the call out for illustration work in ’98, and immediately landed gigs with both the Toronto Star and The Globe & Mail newspaper, followed by US publications Elemental, XXL, Honey and Blaze. The city, concerts and events keep her ever inspired by music, culture and graffiti visible along and beyond the train tracks. Pop culture and social themes abound as her work challenges one’s views of fine art vs. street art and the dichotomy between nature and our industrialized world. The female figures represented in EGR’s work explore themes of determination, female empowerment and acknowledge women’s ever-changing roles; while her fairies and angels represent her little sister who passed away as a young child.

Known for her custom artwork and live painting at international events, EGR’s art, from illustrations to murals, have appeared in print, music videos, album covers and everything in between. She’s created artwork on just about any surface you could imagine, combining her flair for impressive large scale paintings and murals with her passion for music.

Both Graffiti Women and Graffiti World hard cover books feature the art of EGR. Her work was included in Canada’s first national exhibition of street art at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) at the Institute for Contemporary Culture; the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO); painting live at Toronto’s Luminato events, Montreal’s international Under Pressure event and Van’s Warped Tour events; in galleries and events worldwide including collections in North America, Australia, UK, Brazil and Italy

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