Genesis Rose Schmitz Briggs Be

In 2016, Genesis Be (G.Be) captivated America with a bold theatric protest against the Mississippi State Flag that went viral. Publications such as Billboard, NY Daily News, ABC News, VICE Impact and more featured the young artist and activist, allowing her to share her message of racial healing, gender equality, and youth empowerment. In 2017, she was the subject of a Moral Courage Project documentary “Confederate Pride, White Supremacy & My State Flag” and continues to facilitate civil discourse to improve race relations in her home state Mississippi. G.Be states “I am an activist because I am a hopeless romantic, I cannot hide my passions nor my pain. My concern for the disregard of the human condition overwhelms me as does the love, magic and wonders I’ve witness in our World. My art is the vehicle through which I emote” Her unique perspective explores and challenges our concepts of humanity, exploitation, race dynamics, gender identity and sensuality using multimedia. Her work is often self-critical and satirical at times. She defines Conceptual Resistance as “the exercise of challenging ones own sense of reality thus enhancing the ability to either see an object or event from multiple perspectives simultaneously or to imagine objects and events that exist outside of our mundane understandings of time & space.”

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