Queen D Scott

Heat up the musical spirit by savoring the flavor of Danielle Scott. Danielle’s hunger for music began at a young age in her hometown of Teaneck, NJ. Driven by a thirst for books, short stories and writing, Danielle blended her love for the written word with music through her classical background on piano and voice. Always a step ahead, she added the essence of alto sax by age eight and both electric and upright bass by age 15. Simultaneously, she began adding the sprinklings of Gospel, R&B, and Hip Hop to her repertoire.

Never questioning the path of her mind, Danielle pursued a higher education at Mary Baldwin College at the tender age of 16. There she co-founded and was the musical director/accompanist for the college’s first gospel choir, “Voices of Praise,” which now performs internationally.  With the encouragement of one of her professors, she transferred the following year to the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston to further cultivate her melodious brew. She topped off her musical knowledge mixture with graduating in a dual major in Music Production & Engineering, and Music Synthesis with an emphasis on Interactive Media.  Danielle also went on to serve as a faculty member of Berklee, serving up her twist on music education with her Hip-Hop Ensemble and Hip-Hop Writing & Production class.

In 2006, Renee Ochoa of I’ve Got Entertainment, an artist development company, scoped Danielle Scott at a Katrina Benefit Concert hosted by Simmons College and  Boston’s Hot 97 FM.  Renee brought out the west coast funk, and classic gritty soul in Danielle’s sound, style, range and depth mixing it all together in a irresistible, head-noddin’ potion of urban goodness.

Currently, you can sample the root of the new sound of urban music that D. Scott brings through her first single, “Queen,” which was written by Danielle and produced by both D. Scott and Renee Ochoa or you can also download her free mixtape, “Martin Luther Queen,” which was presented and produced by Jony Fraze.  “Queen” is available on iTunes and most online retailers.  “Martin Luther Queen” is available for free download on either D. Scott’s Soundcloud or Jony Fraze’s Bandcamp page.

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