Rashida Gonzalez Robinson

DJ RASHIDA  has played her signature fusion of hip-hop, funk, soul, dancehall and house around the globe at music festivals, concerts, & private events.  At the tender age of 18 she got her first pair of turntables and soon fell in love with the mix. In 2004 after playing what would be the first of many parties for The Artist, Prince approached her about collaborating. Soon after, (and for the next 10 years) she would tour the world with the superstar, spinning as an opening act as well as at his  private parties, special events and performing live with him on shows such as The Tonight Show, George Lopez and The BET Awards. In addition to her work with Prince, she is a familiar sight at the world’s most important music festivals, playing for thousands at Super Sonic in Tokyo, Good Vibrations in Sydney & the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago. She is frequently called upon to spin for a bevy of corporate and celebrity clients (see client list). Rashida has also been blessed enough to cross the globe &  tour with some of her favorite artists;  Grammy winning artists Kelis, Cee-Lo and Pharrell Williams. Today she continues to tour and play for clients around the world. Acclaimed not only for her deejay skills, but also as an cultural influencer, and fashionista, Rashida has been featured in Vogue Italia, Essence, Vibe, The Source, Flaunt, Remix, Dazed & Confused & Refinery 29. She is currently the campaign model for avant garde sunglass makers GreyAnt . Rashida has also made DJ cameos in music videos like Prince’s Black Sweat and most recently Finesse by Bruno Mars (who she hits the road with this summer as his official tour DJ).

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