Hi, I’m B-Girl Terra and I am a B-Girl based in the U.K. I love to dance and I really want to be a Mermaid :). I won the Unvisti baby battle 2012 and got to the finals at Chelles Battle pro 2013. I have also won the under 16’s battle at southwest got Rhythm two times and also a Bonnie and Clyde battle at Bsupreme with my crew member Reckless ‘Superman’ Lee.  Since then I have continued to battle and perform all over the world and I Love to Travel. Me and my sister Bgirl Eddie won the 2 vs 2 Bgirl Battle at Eurobattle 10th Anniversary 2014. I won Battle Of The Year showcase and Battle 2014 Central Europe with my crew Soul Mavericks, in Switzerland for the second time to get to the finals in Germany. I won the World Championship Baby Battle at Marseille Battle Pro 2016. I have done a dance showcase at Juste Debout 2016 and went on to win the under 10 solo battle and then the 2 vs 2 adult battle with my sister Bgirl Eddie at Break Ya mind UK. 😀

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