We conduct Transnational RESEARCH  to document the evolution and impact of Hip-Hop Education and galvanize its effectiveness in engaging students and teachers across schools and communities. Continued research is needed to further professionalize the field, advocate for its effectiveness,  formalize best practices, and develop national standards. 

In collaboration with the Universal Hip Hop Museum, slated to open in 2024, HHEC produced three historical multimedia timelines (1960s-1990).
Funded by The Nathan Cummings Foundation, HHEC initiative creates a report to synthesize and process the outcomes of three Hip Hop Education Think Tank convenings that occurred over a three-year period from (2010-2013). This longitudinal study was conducted by the Hip Hop Education Center to increase the understanding of the challenges, needs, and potential of the field of hip hop education. A key objective of the research was to identify best practices and models that could be adopted by the field.